Nepal to Dhunat : Missing Amena returned home after 22 years

Alhaj Uddian Alhaj.

Missing Amena Khatun of Bogura’s Dhunat Upazila returned home after 22 years. On Monday, She returned home from Nepal on a special flight. She reached Chhota Chapra village of Dhunat upazila on Monday night.

Amena Begum is the wife of late Azgar Ali of Nimgachhi Union in Dhunat Upazila. Her father’s house is Chapra in the adjoining Chikashi Union. Amena has three son and one daughter.

Her family members said, Amena Begum was suffering from mental illness and She spoke incoherently. Often she used to get lost from her husband’s house. Then She would search for the address and naturally returned home. But at last she came out from house 22 years ago, her relatives did not find her.

Amena Khatun’s eldest son Amzad Hossain said that his mother could not be found even after searching a lot. We thought, Mom is dead. Our siblings’ voter ID cards also mention ‘dead’ with her name.

About three months ago, Amena Khatun was found through a Bangladeshi intelligence agency by her relatives. He was then contacted through the Bangladeshi embassy in Nepal. The children talked to their mother in a video call. But Amena Khatun could not return to the country because of Corona virus.

The Bangladeshi embassy took initiative steps to bring Amena Khatun back to the country. Amena Khatun returned home on a special flight on Monday after the diplomatic formalities between the two countries. She then went to his elder son Amjad Hossain’s house in Chhota Chapra Village of Chikashi union at midnight on Monday. Neighbors gathered there to see him on Tuesday morning. Relatives are overjoyed  to see Amena Khatun.

Amena Khatun’s grandson Adilur Rahman Adil said, “We are thankful to the creator for the return of our grandmother.” Everyone in the family is happy. In response to a question, Adil said that it was possible to bring back the grandmother due to the sincerity of the Nepalese embassy and Bangladesh Govt. No money was spent to return her.

Amena Khatun went missing at the age of 56. Although dead to all, she survived in Nepal’s Sansuri district and worked in various restaurants and homes. The 70-year-old woman was unable to find work due to her physical weakness. Amena Khatun took shelter in a save home at the local municipal mayor. Bangladeshi embassy officials met him at the save home. After talking there for a long time, they were able to know the address of Amena Khatun. Then the process of searching her family and began to bring her back to the country.

Finally, Amena Khatun has returned to the country. She is happy to come back her children and relatives. But she is not able to give accurate information as she is mentally sick. That is why, the secret of Amena Khatun’s visit to Nepal has not been revealed.

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