Wife murder : Husband arrested in Dhunat

Alhaj Uddin Alhaj .                                                

A housewife named Swapna Khatun (38) was killed by her husband Bahach Uddin with a sharp weapon in Bogura’s Dhunat upazila. The incident took place at Chalapara village of Dhunat Sadar UP on Friday night. Bahach Uddin himself killed this incident as a strategy to trap his younger brother as a killer. Police have already arrested him.

Bahach Uddin and Belal Hossain, sons of late Matraj Ali of Chalapara village in the upazila. Younger brother Belal works in a factory. The elder brother Bahach Uddin and his wife make a living by selling tea in a stall near the house. There has been a long-running dispute between Bahach and Belal over 22 decimal of land.

In midnight about 3pm on Friday, Bahach Uddin called his wife Swapna Khatun at his tea stall about 200 yards away from his house. He inhumanly hit Sapna in the stomach with a sharp weapon. As a result she was dead in that moment.

Dhunat Police Station OC Kripa Sindhu Bala said Swapna Khatun was initially believed to have been killed by her husband Bahach Uddin. He has therefore been arrested for questioning. The body of Sapna has been sent to Bogura Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital morgue for autopsy. Preparations are underway to file a case at the police station.

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